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1. Cluj-Napoca Romania


Located in the Someșul Mic River valley, Cluj-Napoca is considered the unofficial capital to the historical province of Transylvania and one of the most visited cities in Romania. The city, with 324,576 people, is very pleasant, and it is certainly a great experience for those who want to see urban Transylvanian life at its best. Along with fine dining, excellent cultural activities, a wonderful historical legacy and a great atmosphere, the city will certainly not disappoint those who add it to their travel itinerary. What's more is the fact that Cluj (as it's called for short) is so easy to access and get around.



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2. Conference venue


"Grand Hotel Napoca" from Cluj-Napoca 

The 6th International Proficiency Testing Conference 2017 will be held at the Grand Hotel Napoca (number 1 on the map), #6 Octavian Goga Street, Cluj – Napoca, Romania.




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