Motto: "There is no science without measurements,
no quality without testing and no global
market without standards."
The Commission of the European Union
Dear Colleagues,
Steering Committee of PT-Conf 2015 is delighted to welcome you to the 5th edition of International Proficiency Testing Conference which will be held on (15)16th -18th September, in Timisoara (Romania), the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat.
This event will provide the framework for debates, for interchange of knowledge and expertise, of ideas and initiatives amongst academia, scientists, engineers, managers from supplier bodies of PT schemes, managers from laboratories of analyses and tests, from worldwide and from all ranges interested in Proficiency Testing (PT) and the connected areas with PT.
PT-Conf 2015 will include plenary speeches, invited presentations, contributed presentations and poster presentations. During the conference the interested persons will have the possibility to participate at working group discussions and at a training course. Conference proceedings will be distributed to all the participants and it will be put on the Internet.
We also invite exhibitors to present their latest products (equipment, instrumentation as well as chemicals and other) at our conference exhibition.
The Conference is organized by CEPROCIM SA, Bucharest (Research, Consulting and Process Development in the binder field) - www.ceprocim.ro and Association of Proficiency Testing Providers (AFSIC)- www.afsic.ro, in co-operation with “POLITEHNICA” University from Timisoara – www.upt.ro
We hope that the PT –Conf 2015 will have the success of the previous editions of the conference, which were held in Romania at Sinaia (2007), Sibiu (2009), Iasi (2011) and Brasov (2013).
Please join us at the conference and enjoy the beauty of Timisoara, Romania. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones and do not forget that the most important motivation for the conference is to learn from past failures, to not repeat the same mistakes.



Ceprocim S.A. AFSIC POLITEHNICA University from Timisoara Ministerul Educatiei Nationale
University from
Ministry of National Education
www.ceprocim.ro www.afsic.ro www.upt.ro www.research.edu.ro