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Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 3rd International Proficiency Testing Conference. All members of Steering Committee are delighted to welcome you too, on (27)28-30 September 2011, at Iasi in Romania.

The Conference organized by the institute of Research, Consulting and Process Development in the binders field CEPROCIM SA, Bucharest, Romania and Association of Proficiency Testing Providers (AFSIC), in co-operation with "LUCIAN BLAGA" University from Sibiu, will build on the success of the previous editions of the conference, which were held in Romania at Sinaia (2007) and Sibiu (2009).

The 3rd International Proficiency Testing Conference aims to develop and bring together a diverse community from academia, research laboratories, supplier bodies of PT schemes, laboratories of analyses and tests, industry, from worldwide and from all ranges (aggregates, chemistry, electrotechnics, food and food stuffs, environment, building materials, plastic materials, mechanics, metallurgy, microbiology, petrochemistry, lasers physics, plasma and radiations, soils, textile etc.), interested in exploring the manifold challenges and issues related to the conference themes.

The event will allow the participants to interact with nationally and internationally known speakers, who are willing to share relevant information about Proficiency testing schemes, Use of Reference Materials, Validation of Testing Methods, Uncertainty of Measurement, Metrology and Traceability - support in the laboratory activity, Accreditation and Quality Management, Research, Development and Education in the testing laboratory.

We also invite exhibitors to present their latest products (equipment, instrumentation as well as chemicals and other) at our conference exhibition.

Please join us at the conference and enjoy the beauty of Iasi. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

With best regards


Steering Commitee, Sinaia 2007
Left to right

Liliana RADU; Mariana COARNA;
Graziela GUSLICOV; Daniela NASTAC;
Marina MARTIN; Cristina VLAD;
Nicoleta VLAD; Irina MATEI

Steering Committee, Sinaia 2007
Steering Commitee, Sinaia 2007
Left to right

Mariana COARNA; Narcisa VRANCEANU;
Diana COMAN; Cristian MATRAN; Nicoleta VLAD;
Dorin VLAD; Alina FLOCA; Liviu ROSCA;
Graziela GUSLICOV; Alice POP; Cristina VLAD

Steering Committee, Sibiu 2009



Accesati sectiunea Conference Proceeding pentru a consulta lucrarile conferintei. Access the section Conference Proceeding to consult the conference papers.
Music and dance Performance din data de Joi 29 Septembrie 2011 va avea loc la "Casa de Cultura a Studentilor" în loc de Teatrul National din Iasi, Sala "Cub" Music and dance Performance from Thursday, 29th September, 2011 will take place at "Casa de Cultura a Studentilor" instead of National Theatre from Iasi "Cub" Hall
Microbuzele si masinile conferintei vor fi disponibile in Septembrie de la si spre aeropoprtul din Iasi. Orarul de transport este fixat astfel incât sa corespunda cu orarul de sosiri/ plecari zboruri participanti (clic aici pentru a vizualiza Transportation programme). La sosire in aeroportul din Iasi, participantii sunt rugati sa urmareasca pancarda PT-CONF! Conference shuttles and cars will be available on September from and to the Iasi Airport. The transportation timetable is setup to fit with the participants’ airplanes arrival/ departure times (click here to see the Transportation programme). At their arrival, participants are kindly asked to watch the PT-CONF placard in Iasi Airport!